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You may have recently heard about Kim Kardashian’s secret to long, healthy, thick hair, shared on sister Kourtney Kardashian’s blog Poosh a couple of months ago. No, it’s not hair extensions (although they are the quickest, easiest way to achieve long, full hair). It’s rice water—a simple DIY concoction that many swear by for its lustrous effects.

Rice water for hair

According to Poosh, many Eastern countries use rice for its “healing and nourishing perks” with rice water even being touted for its beauty benefits on facial skin like more radiance, eliminating acne, soothing irritated skin, and fading ageing spots. But how does the humble grain fare when it comes to hair? 

I decided to test out this hair rinse myself, to reignite my dry, dull hair with Kardashian level shine and glamour. Because I have thick, wavy, coarse hair, it has always been difficult to figure out a hair care routine and specific products that enhance my natural wave while adding softness and shine. It’s a struggle most women with my hair type will understand, so I was eager to try out a rice water rinse and hopefully find the new holy grail to my hair care routine. Let me tell you…the results were surprisingly impressive! 

Rice water for hair

How to make rice water for hair

The process of making and using a rice water rinse is simple and can be done in six steps:

Step 1

Rice water for hair

Gather a bowl, organic uncooked rice, and water. You can use any sort of rice (white, brown, jasmine, basmati etc.) as long as it is organic. I used organic brown rice.

Step 2

Rice water for hair

Rinse the uncooked rice, and drain. Then, add the clean rice to a bowl with 1-1 1/2 cups of water. Let it sit for at least an hour, up to 24 hours. For this experiment, I let the rice sit overnight for about 12 hours.

Step 3

Strain the rice and save the water. You can actually save the rice for cooking as well. In fact, some studies have shown that eating soaked rice is healthier, reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Step 4

Wash your hair with shampoo, and rinse as normal.

Step 5

Take the rice water and massage it into your hair and scalp. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes to an hour. If you have thick hair like me, you may end up using all of it in one go, however, those with thinner hair may be able to get away with using half of the water and saving the rest in the fridge for next time (or for washing your face later). I left the rice water rinse in for about half an hour before washing off.

Rice water for hair

Step 6

Rinse your hair again, and admire!

Rice water for hair

Does rice water for hair work?

After using the rice water to rinse out my hair for one week (two hair washes), I did find that my wave pattern had a lovely, more pronounced flow when air dried that I would usually have to add product to achieve. My hair also felt fuller with more body, with a beautiful, almost fluffy texture. Because I have thick hair, I usually struggle with my hair feeling weighed down, and find it difficult to achieve a light, airy texture. I also work out everyday so while the rice water effects didn’t last post-workout due to me being a sweaty mess, I could see the effects continuing to last until at least a day or two after washing. With long term use, I would hope that my hair would behave this way until the next wash. I did not notice any change in length (it had only been one week after all), however, this is touted as one of the immense benefits of a rice water rinse and I could see how my hair could grow faster upon regular, continued use. All in all, the results are positive, so get stocking up on that rice!

Rice water for hair

So…why does rice water have such great beauty benefits? 

Because rice grains have a high starch content (70-80%) and are packed with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this goodness saturates the water when soaked. When massaged into your hair and scalp, these ingredients pack a potent punch of healthy and moisturizing properties seeping into the hair and. The starch from the rice coats hair strands, giving the hair a thickening effect. This starchy coating can also be attributed for the extra body, shine, and de-frizzing effect that your hair will get after using the rice water rinse. 

If you have color treated hair that is dull, dry, and brittle, rice water may be your ticket to healthier hair, as it also reduces friction, promotes elasticity, and closes the outer cuticle, leading to shinier, smoother hair. 

As for hair growth? Any treatment stimulates blood flow to the scalp and clarifies dirt and buildup will eventually lead to longer hair. Whether it’s a rice water rinse or scalp scrub, healthy hair begins at the scalp. 

Rice water for hair

Other tips

Although the magical properties of rice water seem endless, there is one thing to look out for. Be sure to rinse off the rice water thoroughly, and not to overdue it, as the abundance of protein in the water may actually dry out your hair if not enough moisture is provided. Begin by only using the rice water twice a week and monitoring how your hair feels. If it’s still feeling dry, cut down usage to once a week and add conditioner before the rice water for extra moisture. Increase usage slowly, until you find the right balance for your hair. 

Fermenting the rice water may provide even more nutritional benefits to your hair. To do this simply follow the instructions above, then leave the water out for another 24-48 hours to ferment and use as normal.

More DIY healthy hair tips 

We love DIY because this is the chemical-free, natural way to care for your hair. 

DIY biotin shake for healthy hair

DIY hair repairing coconut mask

DIY hair masks to try at home

If you find yourself in the fetal position come Monday morning, just remember: you’re not alone. Plenty of people experience the dreaded Monday Blues, otherwise known as that sad and anxious start-of-the-week feeling. But Mondays don’t have to suck. In fact, there are plenty of amazing reasons why you’re about to slay this week and make it a great one. Whether it’s the fact that you have the perfect list of danceable songs queued up and ready to play, or that you woke up early and started your day with a refreshing jog, you are well on your way to showing Monday who’s boss. Even doing small things, like holding the door for someone or treating yourself will put you on track for a great day. Here are 10 reasons why you’ve got this. 

1. You dragged yourself out of bed this morning and went for a run

While exercise may be the last thing on your mind when your alarm clock jolts you awake, a jog can work wonders on a Monday morning. Instead of hitting the snooze button, lace up your running shoes and get outside. Not only does a workout increase endorphin levels, but it also helps boost your confidence and focus. Even a 10-minute workout will make you feel better and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you. If you aren’t able to go out for a run, you can also try a short online ab workout or yoga class at home.

2. You know how to stay positive (even when life gives you lemons)

While Monday and fun aren’t two words that are often paired together, having a positive attitude can help diminish those Monday blues. We all struggle at times, but maintaining a positive mindset in the face of challenges is more important than people realize. Even when times are tough and it feels like a million things are going wrong, you know how to navigate life’s twists, turns, and unexpected curveballs. Science has shown that keeping a smile on your face (which releases endorphins and serotonin, making you feel happier and more positive) and having positive emotions help us improve mental productivity, concentration, and our overall health. 

3. You swapped your daily sugar-filled Caramel Macchiato with a healthier turmeric latte

Unfortunately your morning macchiato probably contains more sugar and calories than you imagine. These drinks can have around 500 calories, the same number as a small meal, and account for one-third of a woman’s daily recommended fat intake. If you want to start your day off healthier, try replacing your macchiato with a turmeric latte or opting for a whole milk alternative like almond or soy milk. Turmeric lattes, aka golden milk for those in the know, are a traditional ayurvedic drink thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They are made from a mix of cold-pressed turmeric juice and almond, cashew or coconut milk, and have been shown to improve one’s complexion and brain function. The spice is especially effective for those suffering from psoriasis and acne scarring.

4. You remembered to treat yourself

To avoid feeling burnt out, it’s important to treat yourself regularly. When we treat ourselves, we feel more energized, cared for, and content. If you are constantly working hard without any sort of reward or time for yourself, you will start to feel exhausted, drained, and in a bad mood. Reward yourself for making it through your Monday with something that makes you feel special. If you love art, take a ceramics class. Or, focus on self-care by buying some new bath products (few things are as luxurious as a well-crafted bubble bath) or spending time in the great outdoors. 

5. You have the perfect pump-up playlist 

Music has the amazing ability to improve any mood and lift up your spirits. There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym and realizing you forgot your headphones at home. Start your Monday off right by pumping up the volume and putting on a mix of high-power jams. Whether you’re getting in the mood to work, tackle school or simply clean your room, a curated playlist with some badass songs can give you the needed motivation and boost your productivity levels. A good tune can also give you the perfect mid-day boost. 

6. You’re not afraid to try new things

While it’s easy to get stuck in routines, there are so many benefits to getting out of our comfort zones and trying new things. New experiences can help you overcome fear and stimulate creativity. Some great ways to mix things up include learning a new sport, cooking for a week or trying out a new hairstyle. Hair extensions are a fun and easy way to experiment with new looks. Before taking scissors to your sacred strands, consider playing with our best clip-in hair extensions. They will give you new bangs, length, or color in an instant.

7. You made someone else’s day

A great way to make Monday suck a lot less is by focusing on someone else’s happiness. Doing something for others actually does something good for you too. Research links random acts of kindness with well-being throughout life. Being generous can activate a part of the brain called the striatum, giving us a feel-good feeling. Doing simple things like holding the door for someone or bringing coffee and donuts to work can help you make stronger connections and friendships, which is a definite mood-booster. 

8. You got a good night’s sleep

Getting quality shut eye is an essential part of our daily routine. The better rested you are the more happy, energized, and healthier you will be. Sleep provides tons of health benefits, including strengthening the immune system, repairing skin cells, and improving mental health. The best way to catch some quality Z’s is by making time to wind down in the evening with a good book and calming music. It’s also a good idea to drink some soothing chamomile tea about 30 minutes before bed and put phones and tablets out of sight. 

9. You’ve dressed to impress

It’s totally true that when you look good, you feel good. And feeling good is half the battle on a Monday morning. Wearing something you love can give you the perfect pick-me-up on a tough day. If you feel tired or groggy, putting on sweats or something sloppy will only make you feel worse. On the other hand, picking out something that makes you feel good and comfortable, like a favorite pair of jeans or freshly washed shirt can help boost your confidence and mood. Monday is a great time to wear that new outfit or 

10. Only four more sleeps until Friday

When all else fails, just remember that Friday and the weekend are not too far away. Plan something fun for the end of the week to look forward to. You can even make a list of three things you are excited about for the week on Sunday evening. From happy hour with the girls to a relaxing weekend getaway, there are plenty of fun plans and activities you can fill the week with. This will help you feel motivated and positive all week long. And when you have exciting plans ahead, you’ll find that the week goes by much quicker.

So, if you’re feeling down about the state of the world and you need a pick me up, remind yourself of the above 10 things and remember, you’ve got this!

Written by: Mikayla Uber

It’s usually quite easy to spot a successful woman. Her attire is perfectly pressed, nails masterfully manicured, and makeup expertly applied. She oozes self-confidence, walking with her head held high. And, upon that head, rests a mane of healthy, shiny hair. Yes, this is a woman who takes the time to care for herself from the tips of her Jimmy Choo shoes to the part in her glorious coif.   

How to get healthy hair

Is your coif not living up to your expectations? Is it failing to exhibit an air of success? It may need a health boost. Unfortunately, when it comes to a self-care regime, our parts are not treated equally. While we lovingly slather our bodies and faces with soothing creams and ointments, we are far less kind to our hair. Blasting it with heat, ripping apart tangles, and subjecting it to a huge array of impossible-to-pronounce chemicals is just a regular day’s work for your frazzled follicles. But, if we truly want to exemplify an image of success, we need to learn how to get healthy hair. And this means treating our tresses to a tad more tenderness. 

Here are 10 habits for highly successful people hair. 

How to get healthy hair

1. Run to (but not with) scissors

While snipping your strands may not seem like an act of kindness, doing so will help conquer your follicles’ number one enemy: split ends. After all, split ends not only make your hair look brittle and uncared for, but they also lead to breakage. Regular trims will keep your ends healthy, while giving the illusion that it is growing faster. And let’s face it. We all want know how to get long healthy hair and now we know the answer is simple. Snip it. 

How to get healthy hair

2. Slumber on silk

Your current cotton pillowcase is not as innocent as it appears. In fact, it wreaks havoc on your tresses every single night. It’s time to relegate this follicle foe to the linen closet and adopt a slippery silk one, instead. New York physician, Jesleen Ahluwalia, explains that silk helps prevent tangles and breakage, enabling your hair to retain its healthy appearance and long length. Plus, nothing will make you feel more successful than a night ensconced in the luxuriousness of silk. 

3. Befriend your bristles…but not the plastic ones

If you have ever wondered how to get thick healthy hair, you must look to the Disney princess for advice. How do they achieve their thick, lustrous locks? It’s all the brushing they do. Your 100 brushstrokes each night—with or without an ensemble of singing cartoon animals perched on your shoulder—will ensure that your hair’s natural oils will be more evenly distributed throughout your scalp, preventing possible damage. Lucy Flora, stylist at Frederic Fekkai in New York City, warns against using plastic brushes as they can break your hair strands. Plastic is also non-conductive, which means your hair will have much more static. A ceramic brush or boar-bristle option is preferred.   

How to get healthy hair

4. Show your scalp some love

It is impossible to achieve healthy hair without a healthy scalp, so it is important to use products that keep your scalp moisturizedespecially if you are a fan of hats. Scalp massages are perfect for stimulating blood flow and boosting follicle health. If your significant other is an excellent provider of back rubs, you may want to ask them to move their hands north and give you a scalp massage, instead. Another option is investing in a scalp massager. They are, after all, always present and willing to perform. 

5. Take a deep breath and de-stress 

Stress takes a toll on your whole body, including your hair. In fact, too much stress over a long period of time can actually make your beloved follicles jump ship, leading to rapidly thinning hair. It is important to ensure that you learn stress management techniques such a meditation, yoga, taking a personal day, or spending time with loved ones. Your hair will thank you. 

How to get healthy hair

6. Loosen up those tresses

When it comes to wearing your hair up, never ever use a rubber band. They are for holding broccoli spears together — not delicate follicles. And clips with metal fasteners are a big no-no too. Instead, opt for a scrunchie or a material-covered band that won’t pull at your strands. Redken also recommends eschewing tight ponytails, braids, or buns as these can weaken hair. A looser updo is much more follicle-friendly. 

7. Become acquainted with oil

Introducing your mane to a hair-healthy oil is great for both moisturizing your follicles and your scalp. Whether you opt for an oil of the olive, coconut, argon, or almond variety, your hair will absolutely thank you. Make sure you spread it evenly throughout your locks, ensuring that the tips get their fare share. Just remember — don’t use too much or you’ll end up using a gallon of shampoo to get it out, which defeats the whole purpose. 

How to get healthy hair

8. Go grocery shopping…for your hair

If you have ever wondered how to get hair healthy naturally without relying on drugstore brands and multisyllabic chemicals, you need only look to your pantry. Applying mashed bananas to your hair for about 15 minutes helps repair damaged follicles, mayonnaise can provide deep-conditioning within an hour, butter will add much needed moisture, mashed avocado can add shine, and washing your hair in beer will make locks more lustrous. Yes, there is no need for a factory-made hair treatment that costs a small fortune when you have the perfect hair solution collecting dust in your cupboard. Be warned: hungry people may be tempted to lick your head. 

9. A healthy diet = healthy hair

If you want your hair to exude good health, you need to give it the right building blocks. Protein, omega-3, and biotin are all necessary to achieve long, thick, healthy hair. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and drinking water are all important in promoting strong hair. It is also important to ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals, paying special attention to vitamins B, C, and D, zinc, and iron. If your diet is lacking, you may want to turn to supplements from your local health food store. 

How to get healthy hair

10. Keep a cool head

Have you ever felt the top of your head after a long blow dry session? It’s almost as hot as pavement on a July day. Your poor hair has, basically, been sizzled up and left to simmer. Cosmetic Chemist, Ni’Kita Wilson, recommends hitting the cold-shot button on your hair dryer to cool your hair down instantly. This will not only make your head feel better, but it will prevent ongoing follicle damage. 

Now that you know how to get healthy hair, it’s time to spring into action. Whether you opt to slather your head in mashed bananas, beg your spouse for a scalp massage, or simply opt for a set of hair extensions, your hair needs to be treated with love. Say goodbye to a mane that’s merely “meh” and give a big hello to glorious locks that let everyone know who you really are: a highly successful woman who is poised to conquer the world and make her dreams come true. 

Written by: Kimberley Laws

As you change out your wardrobe and swap the chunky sweaters and jeans for lighter fabrics, summer dresses, and tanks, it’s time to start thinking about your hair, too. For most people, summer hair trends make them think of beachy waves or sun-lightened hair, and an overall effortlessness that is conducive to lounging around in the heat. While these summer hair trends are certainly a good place to start, maintaining their association with the summer season year after year, there is so much more to summer hair than the obvious.  

summer hair

Beyond summer hair trends and the cuts and colors that will help you achieve a look that is totally on trend, caring for your hair appropriately is vital. While winter is synonymous with dry hair and static, summertime can also take a toll on your tresses. Just think of all that time your hair spends in a chlorinated pool, all the salt buildup, and the heat damage from the sun blazing down on your strands. Chances are your hair’s needs will change with the seasons, so it’s important to change out your hair care products accordingly.

So whether you’re wondering what type of summer hairstyle you should rock, what color inspiration you should share with your stylist, or how to ensure your hair doesn’t feel fried by the end of summer, we’ve got everything you need to know with this summer hair trends guide. Not looking to make a major change with your hair this season? No problem, we’ve got the lowdown on how to achieve easy, on-trend hairstyles, plus foolproof ways to overcome common summer hair problems. 

For most people, extra hydration (since you’ll be washing your hair more often) and frizz-taming products (to fight the humidity), are the staples of an effective summer hair care routine. 

summer hair

Summer hair trends: what to ask your stylist for? 

While the summertime doesn’t necessarily require a drastic cut, it’s a good excuse to change things up a bit, especially after being stuck in isolation for the past few months. Whether you just want to add some texture and layers to give your hair a more effortless, lightweight feel or are looking to dial up the drama and make a statement with your look, there’s a summer hairstyle that’s right for you. 

The wavy lob

This textured, asymmetric look is equal parts edgy and chic, and it’s a great way to keep your hair off your back when it’s hot out. If you tend to prefer longer hair, the lob is much less daunting than a bob. Plus, it’s easy to grow out your hair again; unlike with a bob, there’s no awkward in-between phase. Simply ask your stylist for a layered lob with some face-framing pieces. When it comes to styling, we suggest curling your hair in alternating directions to give you a more tousled look and prevent the curls from merging together. 

Baby bangs 

A retro vibe for the daring gal, baby bangs are a great summer hair trend to give you a rocker-chic vibe for the summer time. While this look isn’t for everyone, it’s certainly show-stopping. We recommend this look if your hair is already on the straight side as it can be a bit of a nuisance to style, especially on a humid day. This high fashion look is a great way to crank up the drama…and show off those eyebrows! Not sure if bangs are right for you? Here’s everything you need to know before making the chop.

Long and textured 

Not to be confused with beachy waves, this “it” summer hairstyle is all about natural movement. Rather than discernable, full-bodied curls, think of natural kinks and undone movement. To achieve this look, ask your stylist for long layers that will wear well when you air dry your hair. Depending on your natural texture and desired length, your stylist should be able to customize the look to suit you. 

Summer hair color: balayage hair extensions 

So you’re thinking of going lighter this summer? Surprise, surprise. Lift your color, lift your spirits, is what you might be thinking, but there are ways to summerup your color without turning yourself into a bleach blonde. Still, it’s fun to brighten up your look with some balayage or highlights. Whether you have balayage in your natural hair or are just looking to experiment with color, Luxy Hair extensions are perfect. For a sun-kissed look without damage to your natural hair, simply clip in a set of balayage extensions, or add volume and length to already highlighted hair.


While going lighter is always in style for summer, this year, a cool-toned, ashy, or muted take on traditional shades is what’s trending. Forget warm-toned, Baywatch-inspired hues and ask your stylist to cool down your color with a toner.

Summer hair trends for 2020 

If you’re not looking to make a major chop, no problemo! There are lots of easy ways you can achieve trending summer hairstyles this year without doing anything daring. Summer hair is all about no-fuss looks—whether you’re a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in between, there’s a hairstyle for you. Here are some of our favorite looks for summer 2020.


summer hair

Summer hair care 101 

When it comes to summer hair care, it’s important to adapt your routine accordingly in the warmer months. We recommend switching out your regular shampoo for a clarifying one to help strip away chlorine and build up (hello, sweat and sand) along with using a UV protectant spray when you are out in the sun. Anti-frizz or shine serums can also be helpful to help prevent the humidity from ruining your ‘do, while also helping to lock in moisture. We also suggest applying a hair mask more often in the summertime to keep your hair soft and healthy.

summer hair

Have a particular summer hair issue you’re trying to combat? We show you how to beat the most common problems below!  

Summer Hair Problem: Sweaty, Greasy Roots

This might be one of the most common problems most ladies face during the hot summer months. As the sun beats down on top of us, the first place to start sweating is the top of our head, leading to greasy roots. But don’t sweat it (get it?)…we’ve got the solution to this summer hair care problem.

summer hair care

Solution: Dry Shampoo And Cold Hair Dryer

Dry shampoo should be a staple in your summer hair care arsenal. Make it a habit to keep a small bottle of dry shampoo in your purse…we guarantee, this will be your bestie for the summer. If you start feeling those roots getting a bit too greasy for your liking, pop into the washroom and add a quick spray of dry shampoo to the roots. This helps soak up any of the natural oil build up and dries up that pesky grease and sweat right at the roots. If you want to go a step further and have access to a hair dryer, after using the dry shampoo, blast your hair dryer on cold and quickly blow out the roots of your hair. This will help dry up any extra moisture left over at the scalp, while giving your hair a quick refresh.

Feeling like getting crafty? Check out this article to learn how to create your own DIY dry shampoo. 

summer hair care

Summer Hair Problem: Faded, Sun-Damaged Hair

In the peak of summer, the sun’s UV rays can be extremely damaging to not only our skin, but also our hair. Similar to our skin and using sunscreen, it is important to protect your hair from this damage. Protecting your hair from the heat not only maintains your hair’s fresh, vibrant color, but also maintains its life into the summer months.

Solution: Wear Hats, Use SPF Conditioners, and Reduce Heat Styling

The best way to avoid damage from the sun to your hair is to literally have something stopping the UV rays to your hair strands. Wearing hats, bandanas, or headscarves are great solutions, as a literal sunscreen for your hair. And hey, they make super cute accessories as well. Not sure how to rock a hat or headscarf? Remember, when it comes to summer hair care, your tresses need some protection, too! Check out the article below for inspiration. 

summer hair care

Next, we suggest applying a deep conditioner that contains SPF directly to your scalp, to protect your hair from any further damage and to use a UV protection spray on the ends of your hair. These products work just as sunscreen does for your skin, protecting your hair from the sun’s harmful rays.  

Lastly, ditch your hot tools this summer and embrace your natural hair. We recommend to heat style your hair as little as possible in general to maintain its health, however, the summer months are the best time to start experimenting with a heatless lifestyle. Instead of curling your hair, try applying some sea salt spray for effortless beach waves. And who needs a hair dryer when you can air dry your hair quickly using the natural heat outside? If you need some inspiration on how to achieve quick and easy hairstyles with no heat, click here

summer hair care

Summer Hair Problem: Untamed Frizz

Frizzy hair is possibly our worst enemy during the summer, especially for the ladies with thick or curly hair! At times frizz can become uncontrollable if you don’t have the right strategy to tame it, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Say goodbye to your frizzy hair, because it’s staying back in summer 2017 where it belongs.

Solution: Shampoo & Conditioner with Hair Oil, Pomade/Serums

Most people are typically familiar with using hair serums and hair oils after washing their hair to tame frizz. Using a shampoo and conditioner infused with antioxidant-rich hair oils like argan oil, however, may be your ticket to frizz-free hair. After using an oil-enriched shampoo and conditioner, you can follow with a pomade or hair serum to tame away any remaining frizz. Keep a small bottle of hair oil in your purse for those times that you feel the frizz coming on, and you’ll be set for the summer.

An extra tip: rather than using hair brushes, which end up causing more frizz, use a wide tooth comb to brush through your hair while wet, helping to minimize frizz and maintain your natural curl.

Summer Hair Problem: Salt Water & Chlorine Damage

We know, there’s nothing more amazing than diving right into the refreshing water on a hot summer day. We want you to go for it, but also take care of those luscious locks, as salt water & chlorine can do a ton of damage to your hair. Salt water causes your hair to dry out, while chlorine also causes dryness and can cause your dyed hair to turn green. Yes, for real, green! 

summer hair care

Solution: Wash Hair Before & After Swimming and Use Weekly Hair Masks

When it comes to salt water, the key is to rinse your hair right after coming out of the water. Use a hydrating conditioner right after swimming to restore moisture back in your hair. If you are an avid beach-bum, make sure to apply a weekly deep conditioning hair mask to save your hair from drying out this summer. 

Summer Hair Problem: Damage From Dying Your Hair Lighter

Dying your hair lighter for the summer months is so tempting. Who doesn’t want that beachy glow and sun-kissed brightness to your hair when it’s sunny out? While we do agree that light hair for the summer is great, the chemicals from the dye cause your hair to be more prone to damage. As long as you take the right steps to protect your newly dyed hair from the sun, we say to go for it! 


Solution: Color Protecting Hair Products

If your hair is colored, we recommend going for a shampoo specifically designed for color-treated hair. Check the product’s pH level and ensure that it is between 4.5-5.5 to prevent color from fading. Great hair products for dyed hair will also include ingredients like oils, sea kelp or algae, in order to lock in color and protect your hair from damage. 

For more tips to maintain your hair’s health this summer, click hereDo you have any special summer hair care tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

As we step into the season of sunshine, (socially distant) outdoor brunches, picnics, and more we can’t help but think of all the hairstyles you can sport. Summer hair is all about no-fuss looks, but not without the glam! We’ve listed down 25 of our favorite summer hairstyles that will up the ante on any look you wear this season. Whether you’re a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in between—there’s a hairstyle for you. Scroll on to see.

Summer hair trends for 2020 

1. Sleek Braid

A hairstyle that will have everyone saying ‘Yasss girl!’ This sleek braid is a clean, confident look that you’ll want to wear all summer long.

2. Bubble Ponytail 2.0

Take your bubble ponytail to the next level by adding statement clips or ribbons instead of simple hair ties this summer. It’s a simple yet stylish way to elevate a classic summer hairstyle.

3. Face framing braids

A super cute and easy style to do when you can’t think of what to do with your hair. These face-framing 90s style braids are trendy, cute, and oh-so Instagram ready. Get this look with Seamless 16″ Luxy Hair extensions in Off Black.

4. Bandana Away

One of our summer faves! Bandanas are the biggest trend right now and we love all the waves it’s creating all over our social media feed.

5. Double Messy braids

Nothing says summer-ready as braids do, so why not double it up! A classic summer hairdo, the double messy braids never disappoint. Get on the double-braid bandwagon with 160g Luxy Hair extensions in Dark Brown.

6. Claw Clips

Another 90s accessory that we’re here for. Need to run an errand? Claw clip your hair. Need to focus on work? Claw clip your hair. Looking for a simple date night accessory? Claw clip your hair! @blogistiana wears her Chocolate Brown Balayage Luxy Hair extensions to create this gorgeous look.

7. Sky High Ponytail

The Ariana Grande ponytail is here to stay and we’re not complaining! If your hair isn’t long enough for this look, consider adding a Luxy Hair Ponytail extension to get this sky-high ponytail in minutes.

8. Half-Up Snatched Pull

Take that half-up ‘do the next level with this snatched version! Can we talk about how this look is so versatile? Perfect for the beach, at home or a quick run to your favorite restaurant.

9. Messy Braided Low Bun

We love a cute low bun and this one gets extra points for the braided addition. The braid gives it that extra summer feel, don’t you think?

10. Chic Low Ponytail

Summers are for ponytails—messy and chic. This one is a top favorite because of it’s clean no-fuss mood, perfect for those summer date nights.  

11. Natural Crimped Waves

Nothing says summer vibes like naturally crimped hair—just the right amount of styling and volume will give you a look that you’ll want to wear all summer long! Don’t forget to add your hair extensions in for that extra volume.

12. Matching Scrunchies

Scrunchies are a staple in all our beauty closets right now. This summer when you pull ‘em out, make sure to match them with your pants, skirt or accessories to keep your OOTD trendy.

13. 90s Hair Clips

Dig out all those middle-school accessories because these 90s hair clips are making a major comeback! While the possibilities to style these are endless, they wearing them right above your forehead is so on-trend right now.

14. Au Naturel

Women all over the world are embracing their natural hair like never before and we love it! This summer, give your hair a chance to be free, away from the heat styling—wear it in it’s best form, naturally. 

15. Wide Headbands

Wide headbands like these will not only help you keep your hair out of your face but also give you a super cute look you can wear with anything you from sweats to blazers. Leave a few bangs out for a messier look or pull all your hair away from your face on hot summer days. Bonus points if it’s a padded headband!

16. Wrapped braids

Music festivals may be postponed for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock the look! Whether it’s box braids, fishtail braids, or a messy 3-strand brand, spice up any braid by wrapping the ends with leather or colorful strips of cloth. 

17. The Butterfly Ponytail

We had to share this gorgeous hairstyle with you the moment we came across it! It might look complicated but it isn’t. Simply start with a low ponytail, take a section from the top-middle of your pony and wrap it with a colored thread or ribbon and voila! 

18. Statement Hair Clips

Over-sized tortoiseshell or pearl-encrusted hair clips have been around for a while and we’re glad to report that they’re here to stay for the summer! 

19. Ribbon Braid

We love this updated take on a basic French braid. Next time you want to braid your hair, add a ribbon in your favorite color to the mix. P.s. you can even do this with a regular 3-strand braid!

20. Glam Messy Updo

On days you’re feeling extraaa add in a few hair extension wefts and embellishments to create this glamorous messy updo. Nowhere to go? No problem! Invite your girls (and guys) over for an at-home glam affair.

21. Effortless hair scarf

There’s something so effortless about this look! This no-fuss half-pony held up by a scarf is all you need to make a statement this summer.

22. Swirled Ponytail

A lil something to honor all the ice cream cones you’re going to eat this summer! A low ponytail modernized with a simple swirl—don’t you love it?

23. Face Framing Highlights

Can you tell we love anything 90s and face framing? Chunky highlights are back for 2020, with a modern twist. Instead of highlighting your full head with thick stripes, ask your stylist for only a couple of face framing highlights. 

24. Hair Band Scarf

An easy way to elevate any updo, wear your scarf as a headband to instantly bring some chic vibes to your OOTD.

25. Mini Bubble Ponytails

We love, love this combo of sweet pigtails with a bubble ponytail. Face-framing layers add to the look to come together in this summer-ready look!

Don’t be afraid to get playful with your hair this summer! Styling your hair is a great form of self-expression and experimentation, so get out there and wear your hair proud. Whether it’s as simple as putting on a hair scarf, your favorite scrunchie or throwing it way back with those 90s clips—the floor is yours.

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