If you’ve been following me the past few months, you have seen that my fiancé, Matt, and I have been taking our kids camping quite a bit. Our kids are younger, which can be tricky to deal with when you’re camping. Camping with kids is still very doable, though! Here’s 10 tips for camping with kids that I’ve figured out through trial and error. 

1- They’re Going to Cry and It’s Ok.

Kids get upset. They get tired. They get hot. It will be ok. Your kids will learn that sometimes it’s tough to camp and be outside. The lessons they learn by working through those tough times are invaluable.

2- Being Dirty Isn’t a Bad Thing.

In our world of cleanliness, kids aren’t encouraged to get dirty very much. This is especially true now that we are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. When your kids are camping, though,  just take a deep breath and embrace the dirt! You can scrub them clean when you get home. 

3- Have Planned Activities for Downtime. 

There’s nothing worse than a bored kid, right? Matt and I have found that having some planned activities for the kids to do when we are all tired and need to rest helps everyone be happier. This is one of my best tips for camping with kids. 

4- Don’t Overpack. Your Kids Will Wear the Same Thing Everyday.

As much as we might like for our kids to wear clean clothes every day, while camping it’s just easier for them to not change their clothes. I bring a few outfits for them in case they get wet or super filthy, but most of the time those clothes come back home still un-worn. 

5- Everything Takes Longer with Kids.

Read this tip again. Everything takes longer with kids. It just does! It’s totally ok, but just plan for everything to take longer. When you are planning your camping activities, don’t over-plan. A quick hike for you, might be an all day affair with young kids. 

6- Teach Kids How to Pack Things Beforehand.

Maybe they just pack their clothes or their own sleeping bag. We believe that having kids pack some of their own stuff gives them responsibility and ownership. Doing this is an easy way to help your kids learn this lesson.

7- Bug Spray. All the Bug Spray.

Once kids get bit they are miserable the rest of the time. This is one of the most important tips for camping with kids. If you live in an area with ticks, be prepared with tick deterrent as well as bug spray for mosquitos.

8- Prep Food Beforehand.

If you’re doing a meal with meat you can cook it at home and just warm it up when you’re camping. This will make your life so much easier when you’re camping with kids! They don’t want to wait too long for their dinner, so prep as much as possible before you get to the campsite. 

9- Ditch the Fancy Desserts.

S’mores are always a fan favorite. There are so many varieties of S’mores, there’s always a new one to try. Be on the lookout for a roundup of the best S’mores on the internet soon here on the blog!

10- Enjoy your adventure!

Don’t forget the reason you are taking your kids camping. You are creating memories that you can’t create at home. So don’t forget to take pictures of the good times and the tough times, laugh a lot, and enjoy your camping adventure!

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